Born in the Flood at the Gothic, 12/21/12

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Jon Solomon
Nathan & Stephen on stage at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood.

While Born in the Flood hasn't played in a few years, it's been also while since Nathan & Stephen have played, save for a few reunion shows here and there and as Hearts of Palm. And from the get-go, the nine-piece, which started off as a duo, ran through an hour-long set and proved yet again that they were seriously one of the most fun bands in Denver's history.

With smiles on their faces for most of the jubilant set, Nathan & Stephen opened with the "Going Home" and kept the energy surging throughout the set, running through enthusiastic takes on "Brothers & Sisters" and "Give Them Hell" and the superb "Stand Back Up." Although Nathan & Stephen haven't played much in these parts of the last few years, fans still remember the words and were singing along fervently, especially on "Happier."

Jon Solomon

While Born in the Flood and Nathan & Stephen feel like veterans of the local scene, the first band, In the Whale, is fairly new duo in the grand scheme of things. Singer/guitarist Nate Valdez and drummer Eric Riley plowed through a vigorous and fuzzed out set a la Black Keys or early White Stripes, only beefier and tons more fun.


Personal Bias: I saw Nathan & Stephen for the first time at the Larimer Lounge about five years ago, and I remember thinking it was the most exuberant shows I've ever seen. They've still got it. So does Born in the Flood.

Random Detail: In the Whale's Nate Valdez was wearing a Casa Bonita Dive Team t-shirt.

By the Way: Did I mention there were a shit ton of musicians in the crowd.


Born in the Flood
Gothic Theater - 12/21/12
Englewood, CO

On a Good Day
There and Missing
Yes We Can
Low Flying Clouds
Just Having a Good Time
Another Night
Starting Over Sucks
For Fear
These Hooks
In Debt to the Heart
End of Me
Breaks Your Heart



Nathan & Stephen
Gothic Theatre - 12/21/12
Englewood, CO

Going Home
Like You Don't Care
Brothers & Sisters
Give Them Hell
No Water
Tunnel of Love
Stand Back Up
Little Squares of Paper

Location Info


Gothic Theatre

3263 S. Broadway, Englewood, CO

Category: Music

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