KTCL's Not So Silent Night at 1STBANK, fun., Of Monsters and Men and Churchill, 12/13/12

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Eric Gruneisen
Of Monsters and Men last night at the 1STBANK Center.

Fun. was a blast of rock that was much needed after a more melancholy set by Of Monsters and Men. The Icelandic five-piece played well, especially as their instruments all gelled together, but there just wasn't the same energy as fun. -- or the Not So Silent Night opener, Churchill, for that matter. The first three songs from Of Monsters And Men ran more like lullabies than performances. You might expect such a moody, down-tempo song in the middle of a set, but to open it, and set the whole performance's pace, was a misstep.

"Mountain Sound" was the jolt of energy Of Monsters and Men's set needed. Unfortunately, however, it didn't return again until "Little Talks" near the end. Everything in between was good to sit through. Special kudos to Of Monsters and Men's female trumpet player -- who also played the keys and accordion -- for really taking "Little Talks" to another level with a surprise trumpet solo.

Eric Gruneisen
Of Monsters and Men last night at the 1STBANK Center.

Churchill had a wonderful stage presence led by Bethany Kelly in appropriately funky boots. Her tambourine antics were mesmerizing, but the amount of movement those boots saw on that stage was more than most women's boots see at the Grizzly Rose over the course of a month. Besides stage presence -- and the way Churchill looked like they were having the best time up there -- their sound was much too explosive for 1STBANK Center. "Changes" and "The Surgeon" would have sounded much better in a festival environment than this one. Even so, Churchill was absolutely great.

Eric Gruneisen
Bethany Kelly of Churchill last night at the 1STBANK Center.


Personal Bias: I haven't had a lot of exposure to Of Monsters And Men and fun. outside of their big breakthrough albums this year.

Random Detail: Apparently coon-skin hats -- you know, Davey Crockett style -- are making a comeback. Or at least they were on one Not So Silent Night attendee last night. Girl rocked it.

By the Way: One of the merch shirts for fun. read on the front: "It's all fun. and gay 'til someone loses their rights." A band that is outspoken on gay rights even on its T-shirts? Hell yeah.


1STBANK Center - 12/13/12
Broomfield, CO

One Foot
Carry On
At Least I'm Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)
All Alone
Why Am I The One
All The Pretty Girls
It Gets Better
The Gambler
Some Nights


We Are Young
You Can't Always Get What You Want (Cover)

Of Monsters And Men
1STBANK Center - 12/13/12
Broomfield, CO

Dirty Paws
From Finner
Slow And Steady
Mountain Sound
Love Love Love
King And Lionheart
Little Talks
Six Weeks

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1STBANK Center

11450 Broomfield Lane, Broomfield, CO

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