Kreayshawn at the Fox Theatre, 12/5/12

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Tom Murphy
Kreayshawn last night at the Fox Theatre.


Part of Kreayshawn's appeal is the pure curiosity and spectacle of what she must be like "in real life." As a Tumblr princess (her page is currently decked out to look exactly like a Myspace page, circa 2004 -- which would have made her fifteen) who raps about Twitter as much as the ever-elusive club, Kreayshawn is seen by her fans in every way but her tangible existence. Last night at the Fox Theatre, she came on stage looking a little tore up -- or just less fashionably done-up than her flashy, glammed out crowd was possibly expecting -- and it was endearing. In fact, the slight woman from Oakland was perhaps better to see casually hollering "can't hear haters, blasé, blasé," from underneath the reality of a hot pink beanie, instead of the waves of Ombré weave and fake eyelashes she's so meticulously photographed in.

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Kreayshawn and her unnamed hypeman took to the stage almost immediately after Rye Rye's opening set, pushing out "Blasé, Blasé" to a more than ready audience. She bounced freely in short-shorts and a long sleeved tie-dye t-shirt that fast became too warm to wear and Kreay then deciding to parlay it into scarf for the duration of the show.

Tom Murphy
Kreayshawn last night at the Fox Theatre.

Kreayshawn pursed and pouted a genuine smile under little make-up, hair hanging unkempt from out of the rim of a beanie as she hollered for a roundup of her rich whores, for the aptly titled "Rich Whores." The rapper seemed at ease with the three-quarters-full venue, which came alive and densely populated as she took her time through a minimal catalog. Live, "Left Ey3" had punch and purpose, the MC lobbing the names of Amy Winehouse, Courtney Love, Patty Hearst, Lorena Bobbitt, and, of course, Left Eye off of her tongue in force.

Tom Murphy
Kreayshawn mingles with fans last night at the Fox Theatre.

Kreay invited a handful of kids to the stage to dance, which was fine -- except the front and center party quickly became an awkward, amateur grind-off. One particular individual took over the show, shaking and air-humping and grabbing at Kreayshawn like he knew her. It was clear he did not, and the party was quickly over.

"K234ys0nixz" was popping and "Bff (Bestfriend)" was so Biz Markie in nature (and un-autotuned and clearly lacking a resemblance to the recorded version), that it was laughable, but in the best way possible. Kreay was having fun, her crowd was doing the same, and she was game to capitalize. "Go Hard" and "Gucci Gucci" smartly sewed it all up, and Kreay nicely set the mike to the side before slipping away.

Oh, and she gave a shoutout to legal weed, too.

Tom Murphy
Kreayshawn last night at the Fox Theatre.

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