Kreayshawn at the Fox Theatre, 12/5/12

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Tom Murphy
Honey Cocaine last night at the Fox Theatre.

The Group Hug tour featured four acts over the course of three hours, including Chippy Nonstop, who kicked things off at 8 p.m., followed by Honey Cocaine, a Toronto spitfire who showed the best balance of ego and crowd-pleasing banter of the night. She immediately addressed an incident in March of this year in Omaha, Nebraska -- one that kept Cocaine and the rest of the Tyga crew from making it to the following night's Denver show.

"I was like, I got shot," the rapper said with a flippant ease, and then dove into "Who Shot Me." A Chanel chain swung from her neck as Cocaine prowled the perimeter of the stage with a brace-faced smile, gunshot samples firing off between tracks like "'Bout It" and the SWV's "Someone"-laced "T.O. Gold Freestyle."

Tom Murphy
Rye Rye last night at the Fox Theatre.

Cocaine's brief but show-stealing performance was followed not too long after by Baltimore-repping Rye Rye's entrance -- which felt tripped up. Definitely the quickest rapper on the mike of the night, she seemed winded from the get-go, taking several breaks during her quick set, while DJ Killed By Synth kept eyes occupied. Cracking things open with "Holla Holla," Rye Rye moved fast with her rhymes, snapping her head back in time and lining up with fist-flinging teenage cheerleader moves.

The Venga Boys'-referencing "Boom Boom" bubbled through the soundsystem as the rapper danced feverishly in matte black stretch pants and a rainbow zebra print sports bra-resembling top. Between stepping behind the DJ platform to rest and disappearing from the stage altogether, Rye Rye's time in the spotlight was not the best utilized. When she decided she was done, she set the mike down and walked off.


Personal Bias: I love Kreayshawn. And I (accidentally) got a tattoo to prove it. I also had low expectations for her live show. I was very wrong.

Random Detail: I was surprised by the amount of dudes in the audience.

By the Way: Kreayshawn was selling "Kreayshawn Goes Hard" sweatpants. And if they weren't so expensive, I would have purchased them to wear at the gym. Or the grocery store. Like a boss.

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