Macklemore at the Ogden Theatre, 12/6/12

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Eric Gruneisen
Xperience at the Ogden Theatre last night. Slide show: Macklemore and fans at the Ogden

Xperience opened the show to an already electric audience. One half of the group Step Cousins with Macklemore, Xperience and Macklemore share a kinship to the Northwest and a level of consciousness that was present in each one of the night's performers. Xperience gave a soulful set that definitely got the show rolling and ended with some rousing a capella rhymes and vocals.

Eric Gruneisen
Dee-1 at the Ogden Theatre last night. Slide show: Macklemore and fans at the Ogden

Dee-1 came next with a style that combined the lazy (in a good way) Louisiana flow of Lil' Wayne with Macklemore's wont for positivity. Dee-1 may have provided the highlight of the night when he performed "The Man in my City," which features Mannie Fresh and Juvenile, but since Juve and Mannie Fresh weren't present, he invited a dude named David to freestyle the second verse. He was so pumped up, it was hard to hear what he was saying, but he still killed it, and the crowd went bonkers. Apparently, Dee-1 used to teach middle school math, and though he's left the classroom, he hasn't quit teaching; like Xperience, he provided some inspiring a capella and finished poetic with "One Man Army."


Personal Bias: I always kind of thought Macklemore was kind of corny, and that his lyrics were often a little contrived, but when you're immersed in a sea of people that so genuinely buy into what he's saying, it's hard not like him.

Random Detail: Two people passed out near the front of the audience before Macklemore even started. The stage crew reacted quickly and started tossing out water bottles to the crowd.

By the Way: Macklemore said his favorite part of the tour has been hearing young people across the country sing the refrain "Love is patient," from "Same Love".

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Ogden Theatre

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