The ten best music books of 2012

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7. Willie Nelson, Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die: Musings From the Road
Willie Nelson's autobiography is a journey through the singer's many remarkable experiences and interests. from his music, family, politics and religion to pot, the environment and his humor-filled ruminations on life. Part road journal, part biography, the book gives readers a deeply personal look into the life and adventures of one of America's musical treasures through insights from Nelson, his friends and his family.


6. Dolly Parton, Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You
Inspired by (and expanding on) the commencement speech that Dolly Parton gave at the University of Tennessee, Dream More is equal parts personal philosophy and self-help, and the results veer from typical music-biography stock to enter new territory. Relating back to experiences in her own life, Parton provides uplifting encouragement to readers to live life on their own terms.


5. David Byrne, How Music Works
To say that David Byrne explores the more scientific side of music in How Music Works is a vast understatement, because in his new book, he acts as a musical anthropologist, seeking out patterns and changes in music that have been influenced over time by cultural and physical context -- including his own music. Byrne takes readers through his own musical journey, chronologically, exploring his many influences, and the shifts and evolution those influences caused.


4. Bruce Springsteen, Bruce
Bruce is the first biography in 25 years to be written with the actual cooperation of Springsteen himself, and the result is a meticulously researched, raw look into the life and workings of a man and musician who redefined American music. Researched and written by Peter Ames Carlin, Bruce is a frank and intimate portrayal that includes commentary from the E Street Band and their feelings about dismissal and problems with their later reunion, as well as details about the Boss's tough childhood and struggle with personal issues.

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Peter Criss' book should've been in here!!!!


pete townshend is all show off & a convicted winnie wager. zep is the real deal!

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