The ten worst EDM songs of 2012

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Nikko Lamere

The year 2012 has been a great one for those us who immersed ourselves in the EDM scene. We got a lot of great music, both locally and internationally -- but that doesn't mean there wasn't a plethora of crap released alongside the worthwhile. To honor those lackluster moments, Backbeat culled the bottom of the YouTube ocean to put together the ten worst EDM songs of 2012. Let us know what you hated most in the comments section below -- and, more important, what you loved.

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10. Swedish House Mafia's "Don't You Worry Child"
It seems that in order for an EDM song to be popular, the track must comfort and aid the listeners. Perhaps this is also the captor keeping the captive in containment: EDM fans get a bad rap because of the widespread recreational drug use that is so obvious at shows. By merely telling the fans that everything will be fine (once the drugs wear off, life is a different story), acts are essentially becoming their idols and mentors. This is dangerous ground, especially when you are a trio of Swedes who just broke up to make more money working on your solo projects.

9. Krewella's "Alive"
Krewella is an anomaly simply because its live show is three people on stage, yet none of them are singing, and only one of them is mixing. What's the big deal? The vocals are obviously overworked and overproduced, and you never hear them sing live. How do we know it's even their voices and not some ghost-vocalist who just gets a royalty check for singing on the track? We just trust them? And have you seen this video? It's like a bad Ke$ha blackout, except there's no glitter or unicorns, and it's impossible to distinguish between who is singing or when.

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Hehehe good list of utterly horrible songs.


Cant tell if trolling or serious....... wait.... yup hes trolling.


all i read was hipster rage....get over yourself and get on the dancefloor

John Slomski Jr
John Slomski Jr

Wow really? Where in "don't you worry child" does it talk about drugs? And how many non-edm songs are comforting? Tons! Not valid reasons for listing that one.

Ken Wilcox Kon-flikt
Ken Wilcox Kon-flikt

I don't know who wrote this list or decided the tracks for it but some of those tracks really don't belong on there. Some do though....

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