The ten worst EDM songs of 2012

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6. David Guetta's "I Can Only Imagine" (feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne)
I once saw a three-key piano on the Internet with a message that read "custom David Guetta piano." At the time I laughed because it seemed funny. Had he simply stayed a producer in the EDM world, we might still like him, but he had to go and put the teet of the record executive's cash cow deep in his hockey-mullet-gullet and suckle away at the fame machine. Maybe if he punched Chris Brown instead of punching the keys we could all appreciate this song a bit more.

5. Borgore feat. Miley Cyrus's "Decisions"
Miley Cyrus has no place in the world of EDM, and I'm pretty sure Billy Ray would agree with me on this. This woman only loves cake when it comes in the form of paychecks, and she probably got a fat one for this song.

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