The ten worst hip-hop Christmas songs

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7. Ying Yang Twinz - "Deck the Club"
On this track, the Ying Yang Twinz stick to what they do well -- strip club anthems. Unfortunately the strip club anthem in question this time is a holiday strip club anthem. The beat is a boisterous version of "Deck the Halls," except they are decking the halls with "mounds of money." And be sure not to miss their crazy screaming ad-libs. The song is mildly entertaining and would probably be worth a laugh at the office holiday party, but it's wack otherwise.

6. Trey Songs & Flo Rida - "Jingle Bells"
This song is atrocious. The Gap put this merry mix out as a promo video in 2008, and it was a highly regrettable move. Not only is an uptempo version of "Jingle Bells" attempted here, but the unexpected ad-libs of Trey Songz, who seemed to forget his introduction, made the final mix. Brace yourself for corny song lines about Santa with wack rhymes in some crazy attempt to draw people to wear more Gap clothing.

5. Snoop Dogg - "A Pimp Christmas"
The concept is not bad here, but Snoop's tale of a pimp's Christmas doesn't translate into a great song. Filled with plenty of hos, liquor references and even a shout out to Dolemite from Snoop, the song fails when Jake the Flake spits, "It's hard out here for a pimp/When you trying to get the money for the rent." Quoting an imaginary rapper is never a good look.

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