The ten worst hip-hop Christmas songs

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4. Master P - "Christmas in the Ghetto"
Master P is not known for his exceptional song writing skills and this has never been more obvious than in this failed attempt of a holiday track. Along with his now incarcerated brother C-Murder, the Miller brothers make a 'hood track about dope, robbery and ghetto tales. This format works for gangsta rap classics, but not Christmas songs. The best part of the song is the instrumental at the end, which is surprisingly funky.

3. Juelz Santana & Starr - "Jingle Bellz"
This version of Jingle Bells is horrendous. Although Starr has a sultry and inviting voice, her interpretation of Jingle Bells is superficial and very unnatural ("Oh what fun it is to ride in a Phantom or a Bentley"). Juelz Santana's verses are equally annoying, from extreme materialism to bragging about the fur coats and jewels.

2. David Banner - "Christmas Song"
David Banner's interpolation of "Tidings of Comforts and Joy" is anything but. The song is an anthem for robberies and openly bragging about sticking up people during the Christmas season. Any insight about the social dysfunction of the ghetto during Christmas falls on deaf ears when the chorus hits: "So we rob and we steal/Which is how to get a meal."

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