The ten best concerts in Denver this weekend

Brandon Marshall
Railroad Earth kicks off its three-night stand at the Ogden Theatre tonight.

Welcome to the weekend, amigos! We made it, and we've got another fine weekend of tunes to look forward to. From hip-hop and bluegrass to indie rock and southern rock, there's a variety of options, both local and national, to choose from. We've got all of the shows happening on the Front Range over the next few days listed in our concert calendar. If you have some time on your hands this morning and you're feeling industrious, feel free to explore on your own. If you'd rather take a curated approach to crafting your plans, we've done all of the heavy lifting for you and singled out the ten best concerts in Denver this weekend. Keep reading to see what's on tap.

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If you're one of those people whose heart skips a beat every time the Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd come on the radio, you're going to love Blackberry Smoke, a band from Atlanta (natch) that plays a rugged brand of southern rock that sounds so authentic you'd swear that President Carter was still in office and sprinkles it with a tasteful bit of country. But time is obviously a relative thing when it comes to this act whose show at the Summit is being presented by Ones to Watch -- a somewhat ironic notion considering the outfit has been around more than a decade, but also rather prescient, as the group, which has the enviable co-sign of Zac Brown (who signed the band to his Southern Ground imprint), is poised to breakout in the coming year.

Whether it's surrealistic horror movies and literature, esoteric knowledge or atmospheric music and death rock, God Module's output reflects a certain fascination with the dark side of the psyche -- a mosaic of interests, perhaps even obsessions, held by founding member Jasyn Bangert. The act is rooted in edgier EBM and more dance-oriented industrial music while Bangert's vocals wouldn't be out of place in a black-metal band. With some visual and sonic nods to the likes of Christian Death and Clan of Xymox, there is something simultaneously unsettling and cartoonish to the group's live show, a mix you don't often see. Two days after this date at Casselman's, God Module will release its latest album, Empath 2.0.

Leo Kottke is a legendary and beloved master of finger picking guitar and a gifted raconteur. He got his start with John Fahey's Takoma Records in the late '60s, and he's been releasing noteworthy albums with some of the most inventive and interesting acoustic music ever recorded. Whether playing intricate folk leads or jazz inflected blues, Kottke is ever the master craftsman with a creative imagination to match. Kottke has overcome physically debilitating damage to his hearing and his tendons that nearly ended his career, but he switched up his playing style, and he continues strong to this day. A longtime regular guest on A Prairie Home Companion, Kottke, a resident of the Twin Cities, was also awarded an honorary PhD in Music Performance from the University of Wisconsin in 2008.

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Lisa Weikum
Lisa Weikum

Blackberry Smoke @ Summit music hall tonite. I am excited 1st time to the Summit.

Jake Miller
Jake Miller

Nadda this weekend. Bloc Party Tuesday!!!

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