The five best metal shows in Denver this month

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Danin Drahos
Down at the Summit on January 26 is one of the five best metal shows this month.

January is a monster month for metal in the Mile High City, from Impending Doom tonight at the Marquis Theater to Down at the Summit Music Hall at the end of the month to a couple of killer local bills. If you're a completist, we've got all of this month's shows listed in our concert calendar, of course, or if you'd prefer, we've done all the, ahem, heavy lifting for you and boiled it down to the five best metal shows in Denver. Keep reading for the full rundown.

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According to The Dead Sea Scrolls, Belial is not just the leader of the Sons of Destruction, but one of the fallen angels of hostility. Perfect association for a band that seems to have absorbed the borderline cartoonish darkness and aggression of Venom and infused it with the cutting and grinding quality of the second wave of black metal of the late '80s and early '90s. Largely eschewing hilarious stage names like Cronos, Dante and La Rage, with the exception of singer Alex Trefas calling himself "The Goatchrist," Throne of Belial has crafted a sound that's menacing and surging, with a stage show worthy of the sort of thing people must have thought before Slayer gave up its own makeup: Are they seriously disciples of the Horned One? Either way, Throne of Belial's dense and biting songs sound like the band isn't joking.


When Nigel Tufnel declared that Smell the Glove could be "none more black," it may have been a joke, but the appreciation for the ridiculous excesses, warts and virtues of metal exemplified by that statement has inspired legions of fans since, and these guys have clearly embraced all of it. Sonically more in line with thrash and early death metal, clearly this local band's music appealed to Kurt Brecht of D.R.I. who came to a recent practice through the good graces of a mutual friend and gave the outfit his stamp of approval. Gomorrah's latest album, This Means War (whose release is being celebrated at this show) should appeal to anyone that appreciates the hardcore and thrash fusion of Toxic Holocaust.

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Manda Obsidian
Manda Obsidian

Hell yeah, glad to have an Obsidian Fog Promotions show in the top 5! RSVP here for Throne of Belial Manda's 35th Metal Birthday Shenanigans!

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