Elvis Presley would have been 78 today. Here are the six best Colorado stories about The King

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Jonny Barber

Last fall on the 35th anniversary of his death, we rounded up all of the best local Elvis Presley stories we could find. We spoke with Nick Andurlakis of Nick's Cafe, and he told us all about how Fool's Gold Loaf, Elvis's favorite sandwich, was conceived, and he regaled us with a first hand account of the time that he brought a bunch of sandwiches to Elvis at Stapleton Airport. We also spoke with the jeweler who tracked down a black diamond for The King in the middle of the night, as well as a few of the retired police officers who guarded Elvis on his trips to Denver, including his last show here at McNichols Sports Arena in 1976. Today, in honor of what would've been The King's 78th birthday, we take another look back. Keep reading for the highlights if you missed them the first time around.

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Dave Herrera
You can still order a Fool's Gold Loaf sandwich from Nick Andurlakis, the man who helped conceived and once served up the gooey contraption to The King.

Fool's Gold Loaf, of course, was no ordinary sandwich. It was a ginormous, artery-hardening contraption invented and offered exclusively at the Colorado Mine Company, a long-defunct restaurant in Glendale run by Buck and Cindy Scott that was once a hangout for media types, politicians, cops...and Elvis.


In the winter of 1975-'76, while on vacation in Vail, Elvis Presley's newfound interest in numerology led him to believe he needed a black diamond ring, immediately. He had a police friend call local jeweler Bob Kortz late in the evening with the odd request -- a request that Kortz heeded, despite having never even seen a black diamond. Never mind that it was a Saturday, and Kortz, whose family business is in its 118th year, had no idea of where to find such a stone. Elvis sent word to Kortz through his DPD pal that he had two airplanes waiting for the jeweler at Stapleton Airport, ready to fly to Vail once he procured the black diamond.

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Great Article! Will pass the link along to Tim 'E' Hendry when he performs his Valentine's Tribute in Kawartha Lakes Ontario in February .

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