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Six years ago, Ana Sia was hustling around a kitchen preparing delicious recipes for a living; cooking up grimy bass music was merely a hobby. After being flown out for her first gig, though, she decided it was time to focus her full energy and attention on her music. Playing festivals around the world in recent years, Sia has cultivated a career that has placed her in the deepest pockets of dance music around the globe, and she strives to stay ahead of the curve. We chatted with the Bay Area bass queen about how she keeps her music interesting.

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Westword: I wanted to start things off with a little update about what you're doing now and what you've got coming up for the next few months of 2013.

Ana Sia: Mostly just to enjoy my life more. I do a pretty good job of that already, but I am interested in reaching the echelon level of enjoying my life.

Is there anything in particular that you're looking to expand your horizons on?

No, mostly just expanding myself artistically, mentally, spiritually, physically...that actually sounds weird to say. But, yeah, there are a few things that I am looking to accomplish this year.

In what ways are you looking to expand yourself artistically? In my experience, you've always been one to really spread your music across the board.

I am working on a release party right now, kind of a coming-out party for myself, and sort of pushing the agenda of this last year. I think I've been known for never really playing the same thing twice and always coming with the surprise, whether it's stylistically or song-wise. And in the last two years, I'd say I've been transitioning out of this heavier dubstep/grime scene into a more dance-floor-oriented, classy bass-music kind of sound. With the release of the EP, it will be a big expression of what's to come.

When is that EP set for release?

We don't have a date yet, but there is going to be proper promotion around the release. I can't really speak too much on it now, but know that it's soon.

Is this under your label?

Can't really reveal anything yet.

In that case, let's switch gears. On your site, you make notes about "unclassified" music and a lot of the dubstep and drum-and-bass that influenced you over the years. I'm interested in knowing how you are trying to evolve your sound.

I've always tried to stay two steps ahead of trends. I think I have a very wide palette of music, and I do like it all. I've also got a large pool of artists and genres, and we all trade the latest stuff we find from around the planet. It's not been an easy thing to transition out of the dubstep and heavier sound, because it's definitely the most popular thing right now.

But because of this mentality I have with deejaying and doing shows and stuff, I've never wanted to do the hip and popular thing at the time. That's kind of my drive: to find the next thing, you know? Stay ahead of the current trends and sounds, whether that's producing my own or scouring the Net and just having my eyes open to new artists. That's part of the fun for me -- the search and the discovery.

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