MGK on his time in Denver and how his live performance is the best hip-hop has ever seen

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Speaking of your darker side: On the one hand, your audience, in general, is on the young side, but on the other hand, you have some dark themes in your music. Why do you feel like you haven't caught on with an older audience, or what do you think the older audience may be missing with you?

Shit, I mean, they just haven't given me a chance yet. That's all it is. You can't just judge somebody off a single. You know what I'm saying? You gotta listen to that person's music. I mean, even my singles are fire, in my opinion. I wouldn't put shit out that I didn't think was hot. You know, I'm definitely not no label whore, so I'm definitely not no motherfucker who's gonna let a label just put shit out.

I don't think "Wild Boy" is wack. I don't think "Invincible" is wack. I don't think shit I did was wack. "Wild Boy" was genius: The flow on there was crazy. The shit I was saying was still crazy; I talked about partying in a cool ass way. As far as older motherfuckers, I mean, I'm still young. They probably just don't get it. They're not ready for all this energy.

The motherfuckers are drinkin' lean and sittin' on the house all stupid, so I don't know. Their time will come. They're gonna catch on after this "Peso," with me, Meek Mill and Pusha T, that releases this month. After that "Peso" drops, they're gonna be like, "Oh, shit, this kid is fire."

You were born in Texas, you've lived in Egypt and you've also lived in like Chicago, California, a bunch of places...

Yeah, none of that has to do with anything, though. I'm a Cleveland muh-fucka.

Exactly. You're so firm that Cleveland is where you're from. So I was wondering if you could talk about what Cleveland has meant to you.

I don't really think that's a question you want me to answer. You know what I'm saying? I've answered that question so many times, I don't even feel like it's worth it. I don't want to give you something that I've said a million other times.

But moving around so much, did you feel like you didn't have a sense of home until you got to Cleveland?

Yeah, of course. Definitely that's how it is for sure. If you're a kid and you keep fucking moving and you're like, "God dammit. Why the fuck do I keep starting relationships with people and then it keeps getting torn away from me?" The only place where I've kept close with is Denver. I lived in Denver for a long time. My only family still lives there. My aunt, she works at Target there. That's like my closest family member I have.

Do you have any particularly fond memories of living here?

Oh, man, everything. I went my freshman year of high school there, played on the football team at Thomas Jefferson High School. I went to Hamilton Middle School there. I mean, we would just be badass kids. I remember going to pool halls with Mountain Dew bottles full of alcohol -- cheap-ass vodka -- getting in fights, running out, getting chased. You know what I'm saying? All types of dumb shit.

Do have any plans to revisit anywhere?

Yeah, a lot of my really close friends are in jail right now out there. I'm always back there seeing their families and making sure what's good.

Is there anything else you would want to tell people who haven't given you a chance yet?

Yeah. They have another chance to fuck with me after I drop this Black Flag mixtape.

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Yep, this guy's a certified lyrical genius.


The dude is actually really humble, at least he was when we met in passing during last year's SXSW. His Aunt is equally as nice. Me and her have sparked music conversation plenty of times before and I make it a point to say hi to her when we go to Target. Super rad lady. Looking forward to what this guy has in the future. 

He's young, he has every right to be a "Wild Boy" and enjoy the fruits of his labor. So long as he doesn't end up a statistic he'll have a bright future. 


What the fuck is this shit? Who? Why? The mean streets of south Denver? I will bet someone money this kid's real name is Conor.


he looks like a skinny little bitch to me..... another rich whiteboy gone rapper. 

he will be the vanilla ice of this generation. him and his stupid fucking tattoos


@jmpmk2LOL!!  Lyrical genius - absolutely not.  Some moron jumping around and yelling, "Yeah b*tch, yeah bitch, call me Steve-O," is not a genius.  An example of a lyrical genius would be Eyedea.  MGK looks and sounds like he is challenged.  

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