The twenty most excited Beliebers at last night's Justin Bieber concert at the Pepsi Center

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excited bieber fans 7.jpg
All photos by Eric Gruneisen.

Say what you will about the Biebs. He's got a strong, massive and devoted following, and last night at the Pepsi Center, they all came out in force with signs and smiles for miles. Eric Gruneisen braved the crowd and brought back a ton of photos, all of which we've posted in our full slide show. Keep reading to see the twenty most excited Beliebers.

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excited bieber fans 20.jpg


excited bieber fans 19.jpg


excited bieber fans 18.jpg


excited bieber fans 17.jpg


excited bieber fans 16.jpg

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Jen Symank
Jen Symank

Some pretty awesome Dads and Moms right there!

Carrie Martinson Joe
Carrie Martinson Joe

You must not have seen my 8 year old daughter... because SHE was EXCITED!!!! And she loves her some JB!

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