Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Mr. Midas, Myke Charles, Smoke G & 2MX2 and Int'l Petey

Categories: Hip-Hop

Manifest featuring Smoke G & 2MX2 - "Whatever You Want"
This inspirational track is backed by a catchy piano riff and the enticing vocals of Smoke G telling the tale of the distance the MCs are willing to go to succeed in the game. Set to be released on The Rap League Mixtape, the track features 2MX2 dropping Spanglish-infused rhymes, showcasing a style of Chicano rap not many other groups can pull off.

"Fly Boy" - Int'l Petey
A dope track off Int'l Petey's new mixtape, Love Money Music, "Fly Boy" finds Petey drumming up New Orleans nostalgia with a few different Down South samples. Augmenting the rest of the instrumentation: a xylophone, an 808 snare and cowbell. The lead of the song is a catchy whistle that pulls you in while Petey laces the song with slick lyrics about being from uptown and a bunch of other references to being a "Fly Boy." Definitely worth a listen.

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Props to MANIFEST for The "whatever you want" Banger.

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