Amon Tobin at City Hall, 12/31/12

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Britt Chester. Slide show: Amon Tobin at City Hall


Amon Tobin approached the stage shortly after the official countdown to the new year and immediately launched into a set that blew minds and caught some folks -- who may have only been familiar with music played on his ISAM tour -- off guard. His New Year's Eve set at City Hall was full of low-down dirty drum-and-bass and void of any of that new-age fast dubstep. For the first moments of 2013, Tobin absolutely tore City Hall apart with 170 bpm breaks, while showing remarkable courage in his choice of samples.

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Britt Chester. Slide show: Amon Tobin at City Hall
Unlike those of a lot of other DJs, Tobin's sets do not consist of -- nor do they rely on in any way -- a massive drop at the end of a redundant bridge. At City Hall, he showcased more of his playful and fun side, setting up for a big drop and then rolling into a smoothed-out tempo of beats that stopped you in your tracks. This gave the entire set a whole new vibe; in order to enjoy and appreciate the music, you needed to pay attention rather than just wait for the drop.

It became very evident who came for which artist during Tobin's set. The audience didn't pile out, but it weened in back a bit, and the energy was focused more on the music as a whole than just a ten-second clip. Drum-and-bass isn't for everybody, but Tobin's set was the best way to ring in the new year, thanks to a diverse track listing, perfected transitions in the set, and the ability to change gears entirely without train wrecking the crowd. Closing with a Metallica riff that felt peppered with Bassnectar influence, Tobin officially rang the new year with one of the most diverse drum and bass sets ever played in Denver, all the while never fleeing from his persistence to think outside the box of creativity

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City Hall

1144 Broadway, Denver, CO

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