Amon Tobin at City Hall, 12/31/12

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Britt Chester. Slide show: Amon Tobin at City Hall
EPROM, the main support for the night, was met with mixed emotions. Some thoroughly enjoyed the trap-heavy set, while others weren't really feeling the slow beats and minimal use of samples and sounds. Riding the wave of trap-thirsty bass-heads, EPROM brought things up and down in his near-hour set, ramping up slowly to the countdown, which brought a shower of confetti raining onto the crowd.

Britt Chester. Slide show: Amon Tobin at City Hall
Prior to EPROM bringing the dirty south to the Mile High, Kastle brought a monster low end, with bass production that was so on point it had the ceiling panels, which happen to be sheets of metal, vibrating with a ferocious rattle that took away from the set if you happened to be in the top balcony. Kastle's set was a great warm-up for the night, and complete with some visual production starting up on the LED panels, City Hall swayed with the casual bass beats.

Britt Chester. Slide show: Amon Tobin at City Hall
Future Simple Project, an act we've watched grow from weekday sets at smaller venues into a massive duo of experimentation with sound, really has found a niche for its exotic take on dance music. The act has also adopted a taste for trap -- or perhaps everyone is just moving along the same evolutionary path -- as the music was much more upbeat and modern, with strings on the tracks, which gave a much more organic feel to the otherwise electronic-heavy tunes.


Personal Bias: Amon Tobin makes music that he enjoys, which in turn translates to music his fan base enjoys. It's creative, different, and always leaning toward the spectral end of experimentation and innovation. I like new things.

By The Way:Does anyone know the name of the violinist during FSP's set? He was awesome.

Random Detail: No fights. No disruptions. This night brought out some really peaceful people who wanted to ring in the new year with fellow music fans and with a smile on their face.

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City Hall

1144 Broadway, Denver, CO

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