Cat Power at Ogden Theatre, 01/24/13

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Cat Power -- better known as Chan Marshall and a Revolving Cast of Other Folks -- played a bizarrely unbalanced show last night at the Ogden. When it was good, it was transformative. When it was bad, it was hard not to feel a little sympathetic for the other musicians on stage. This was Marshall at her most cathartic -- which is to say, showmanship occasionally took a back seat to self-indulgence.

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For a sold-out show that had folks standing outside the venue pleading for tickets, the Ogden's innards didn't feel quite full. Maybe it was the subdued nature of a Cat Power audience, anticipating a quiet evening where Marshall would strum a guitar while belting out indie rock slowburn anthems. Oh, those folks would have been so mistaken. This woman brought forth the Rock.

The set did start with a slow-picked dirge, but it was only temporary. "The Greatest" -- a brilliant, desert island-worthy, truth-in-advertising song title if ever there was one -- began in slow strums unlike what appears on the 2006 album of the same name. "Once... I... wanted to be... the greatesssssst...," Marshall sang, drawing out every word slow and decisively.

This was like hearing a record at half-speed, and she seemed to revel in it. After what seemed like an eternity later, the song sped up, built energy and morphed into one of those apocalyptic Godspeed You! Black Emperor jams. While folks hoping to hear the more softspoken side of Cat Power were likely let down, the band's intensity was as palpable as anything in Marshall's back catalog -- unplugged or otherwise.

Marshall, 41 years old as of this week (Happy Birthday!), zigzagged across the stage in black jeans and a light-blue denim jacket. Her bleached-blonde hair, short and spiked, made the singer damn near unrecognizable from her earlier eras. Maybe it's some indication of her recent (and much publicized) period of personal upheaval.

"Cherokee," the lead track from Cat Power's newish album, Sun, snapped the audience out of the droney trance "The Greatest" had created. This was the most traditional of guitar-driven pop songs, full of multi-layered vocal flourishes and a sing-songy chorus. These two songs set fans up for what would become the theme of the night: completely fucked-up, reworked versions of Marshall's old stuff and straightforward renditions of newer material.

Another Sun song, "Human Being," came soon after. Marshall, singing into two microphones, performed flawlessly but showed no interest in interacting with either the audience or her fellow musicians. She seemed alone in the room, and it just so happened there was a band and a few hundred fans in there with her. Odd? Sure. Out of character for a woman whose early-career antics had folks wondering if they should be feeling guilty for watching her have an emotional breakdown on stage? No.

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Ogden Theatre

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The show was bizarre and caught me by surprise at times but I was completely entertained. This is only my second time seeing her live though I have followed her and the music for about a decade. I was not sure what to expect. I really dig her latest effort "Sun" and the way she went about producing it. I thought her show reflected that. Dancing around to rap music, addressing everyone personnaly, playing with the dogs and throwing t-shirst is what I considered an encore and it was very much appreciated.

For those of you who do not understands drugs, addiction, and life in general. I am pretty sure I understood some words during the show that indicated how great she felt about being sober. It appears that has been the case for her for quite some time. Just saying...  

Charles Cranston
Charles Cranston

Last time I saw her in Boulder, she was main vained to the moon. I hope she gets herself well soon. I'm sending good thoughts and feelings her way.


she seemed really high last night, and her dog pooped on the floor in front of the downstairs stage bar. 

Joey Buhrer
Joey Buhrer

Dear sour twit that wrote this review: I'm sorry that your life sucks so bad that you can't enjoy an awesome concert. That must really blow. Not sure why you feel the need to share your pathetic depressive mumbling with normal human beings who are still capable of enjoyment. I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed the show and had more fun than I've had at a concert in ages. Seemed like everyone around me did too. Cat Power 1, Whiny Critics 0.


Your "personal bias" quote is exactly how I feel about both cat power and MMJ.


@Joey Buhrer seems I wasn't the only one who felt that way about the show.

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