Dirty Few at 3 Kings Tavern, 1/17/13

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Tom Murphy
Dirty Few at 3 Kings Tavern


Earlier in the night, you wouldn't have guessed that so many people would have shown up so enthusiastic for a local band, many of them knowing the words to all the songs. But Dirty Few from the beginning hyped people up with antics meant to pump themselves up for the show: Spencer Stone asked the crowd for some goddamns and got them, while Seth Stone seemed to gear up for what was to come in a handful of seconds like someone flipped a switch on stage and in the crowd.

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Tom Murphy
Dirty Few at 3 Kings Tavern

This crowd was not a mere audience that stood around taking everything in; these folks were excited about the band and glad to engage them. And Dirty Few didn't mind that people got on stage and sang. Heck, Spencer came forward to sing with people -- put his arm around them and sang with them. With the various guests on stage, some formal and others clearly not, it was truly like a communal experience for anyone that decided to show up. The raw energy exuded by the group was infectious and a number of people engaged in crowd surfing beyond the area close to the front.

The band's performance straddled that line between captivating musicality and unhinged emotional display. Seth often came up off his drum seat from the force of emotional release in playing the songs. Spencer ran around across stage, dodging the multiple cups hurled at him from the crowd, not always being able to duck away in time, but also not caring. Justin Trujillo grinned and hurled his urgent bass line into the mix. You couldn't help but smile at seeing a band so caught up in the moment.

And it wasn't just that. The songs were simple but powerful. It was like you imagine it would have been like to see the Clean in 1981 or some great Northwest garage rock band. There was a drive and electricity to the group and a momentum to the show from beginning to end that hasn't happened here much since the last time you got to see the Messy Hairs or Scott Baio Army, even Planes Mistaken For Stars. While Dirty Few's sound and vibe was completely different from any of those bands, the spirit, the raw essence of celebrating the joy of living that was at the core of all of that music was very present at this show.

Tom Murphy
Dirty Few at 3 Kings Tavern - Seth Stone hanging from ceiling

During "Get Loose Have Fun," some people came from the back of the stage and threw confetti filled balloons out into the audience. At some point some people in Aquabats uniforms appeared and joined in on the fun and mayhem during the performance of the Aquabats' song, "Super Rad." Toward the end, Seth came off his drum seat and crowd surfed himself and somehow got a hold of a fixture on the ceiling and hung there and exuberantly screamed out -- because what else can you do you do in such a heightened moment? Raucous is such an inadequate word for what this show was like because it would have been difficult not to get swept up in its current of fun and good will. The show ended with "Outta Control." Intentional, but also a very accurate and succinct statement about the entire performance.

Tom Murphy
Dirty Few set list for January 17, 2013 at 3 Kings Tavern

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3 Kings Tavern

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