Five Iron Frenzy at Casselman's, 12/31/12

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Tom Murphy
Showbread at Casselman's Bar & Venue in Denver.

The night opened with a band called Showbread, which offered up a good mixture of borderline screamo emo and melodic punk. Showbread even had Reese Roper from Five Iron guest on a song or two. The singer told us later on that even though the songs were in part inspired by Jesus that the message had been co-opted and twisted to conveniently leave out that bit about compassion and unity with the poor and oppressed. Message aside, the guys in the band played with a lot of energy, and the vocals had some real force.

Tom Murphy
Project 86 at Casselman's Bar & Venue

Project 86 played in the middle slot. Apparently the band was filming for a video for the song "Fall, Goliath, Fall," from its 2012 album Wait for the Siren. While the music sounded a lot like some late '90s nü metal with way thicker low end, Andrew Schwab was a lightning rod of energy, and he did some crowd surfing here and there for more than a few seconds while still singing. A lot of the people in attendance were familiar with the group's music, as evidenced by the set-long sing-a-longs. Schwab also joked that "SOTS" was a Mumford and Sons cover because they were going to get a little mellow. The band closed its set with "Fall, Goliath, Fall," for the filming evidently, and it seemed to put even more into that performance, getting from the crowd as good as it gave.


Personal Bias: Five Iron Frenzy should be everything I don't like in music (ska, lyrics often informed by obvious religious convictions, exuberantly happy), but the talent, the sincerity, the fantastic sense of humor and the great songwriting are undeniable. Plus, it's one of the best live bands around.

Random Detail: The in between set music included "Titanium Exposé" by Sonic Youth, a lot of music by the Cure and "The Killing Moon" by Echo and the Bunnymen.

By the Way: This was one of the best crowds for any show I've seen in a long time. They knew the words, participated in the fun in a real way and were generally cool and considerate of one another.


Five Iron Frenzy
Casselman's Bar &Venue - 12/31/12
Denver, CO

The Phantom Mullet
American Kryptonite
You Can't Handle This
Where the Zero Meets the Fifteen
Handbook For the Sellout
Fistful of Sand
Hope Still Flies
No Grandma = Know Grandma [?]
New Years Eve
To Build A Fire [new]
At Least I'm Not Like All Those Other Old Guys
Blue Comb '78
You Probably Shouldn't Move Here
Between Pavement and Stars [new]
My Evil Plan To Save the Word
Every New Day

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Casselman's Bar & Venue

2620 Walnut St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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I think it was "When I go out" not "no grandma = Know Grandma"

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