Soda Jerk Presents revamps front room at the Summit and relaunches as the Moon Room

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Aaron Thackeray
The Epilogues on stage at the Summit Music Hall long before the new Moon Room makeover.

The Summit Music Hall officially opened its main room in July 2010. A couple of months prior to that, however, the folks over at Soda Jerk began hosting smaller local shows in the front part of the venue. Since then, while there have been some shows in that front room, the club has primarily focused on the main room -- until now. Realizing that the space wasn't being used to its fullest potential, the Soda Jerk crew made some renovations and upgrades, including modifying the stage, adding more lights and a curtain, and installing a new PA. With a fresh makeover, the Moon Room, as the space has been renamed, will now begin hosting shows as often as possible whenever the main room isn't booked.

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Aaron Thackeray
The front/side area at the Summit Music Hall prior to the new Moon Room makeover.

According to Soda Jerk honcho Mike Barsch, the goal is to put on smaller, affordable (and sometimes even free) shows for up to 250 fans featuring emerging acts, while giving those groups a chance to work their way up to playing bigger shows at other Soda Jerk stages such as the Marquis Theater, which holds 500 people, or, ultimately, the Summit's main room, which holds a thousand. "Artist development has always been a passion of mine," says Barsch, "and adding this venue to our roster is going to be great for a lot of newer artists." The first show in the revamped Moon Room features Listener on Friday, February 8. Bonus: You can also now grub Marquis Pizza at the club. Keep an eye on this space for pictures of the renovations.

Aaron Thackeray
The front/side area at the Summit Music Hall prior to the new Moon Room makeover.

Aaron Thackeray
A birds-eye view of the front room/bar area from the Summit's main room.

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Summit Music Hall

1902 Blake St., Denver, CO

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You know, the title kind of suggests the the renovation is complete, and this is an article featuring the newly reconstructed space.  When do we get to see it?

Anthony Santanostasi
Anthony Santanostasi

For the love of god I hope they cleaned the bathrooms at some point during the renovation.

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