Sick lines and the stories behind the rhymes: Rooke5 breaks down some of his best lyrics

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Stacy Manweiler

Minutes loosen the noose of the Movado you choose,
when its choking your wrist cause I believe its abused.
But it's a ticking time bomb that's not simply diffused.
Then the oscillator pushes and the power's removed.
No hands pressing on so your worries improve.
Let the minutes turn to hours, find the time to let loose.
Then you turn on channel ten to discover the news
that a gear inside busted, restoration ensued.
And all that's left now is to tighten the screw.
Soon you're left to mull over how the present is used.

Rooke5's desire to live a life a free from time's constraints are represented by the watch, the Movado, he's chosen. The idea that time is running out is like a noose, but in the 61st minute, which exists outside of time, that's not an issue. The problem is that at the end of the day, the 61st minute simply isn't real. These lines convey Rooke5 struggling to reconcile his philosophical preference with everyday realities.

The hands on his watch aren't ticking, so every time he looks at his own watch, he feels a little better, but every time he becomes aware of the outside world, which is the function of the news here, he's reminded that his magical watch is actually just a broken watch. Eventually it's going to need to be fixed. And when he does get it fixed, he's going to realize that all those 61st minutes piled up, and he's lost a lot of time:

"That part is the realization that this isn't going to last forever," Rooke5 points out. "This is a temporary thing, and you're going from having this awesome, great day of endless possibilities to realizing that this isn't your reality....Time hasn't actually stopped; you haven't actually gained a full day, but you're living like it. You're making that conscious decision to actually continue this adventure, and even though you've had this realization that it's not permanent.

"The watch being broken is your escape," he adds. "Everybody has their schedule and their routine, and when you break off from that, in a sense, it kind of feels rebellious, but at the same time, it feels awesome. I'm sure you've had those days where you don't have to go to work for some reason.... All that time that you're getting is just awesome free time. You remember snow days in school? Instead of going to school that day, you got to go outside and have a snowball fight with friends or play football in the snow or sit around the fireplace and watch a movie as opposed to going to school and living your everyday, boring life."

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