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Aaron Thackeray
Westword Artopia is Saturday, February 23 at Vinyl, City Hall, The Living Room and Bar Standard. Slide show: Scenes from Artopia 2012
Update: Congratulations to Cerealluna, stephenjpack, misscrystalized and! You've each won two tickets to Artopia. Check your email for more details on how to claim them.

Original post: This year's edition of Artopia is just over a month away. The lineup is pretty stacked, with Wheelchair Sports Camp, Hearts In Space, Kitty Crimes, In the Whale and a ton of other acts on the bill, alongside a serious batch of artists, poets, dancers, videographers and comedians that are slated to showcase and perform. Keep reading to see highlights from last year and to see what's on tap this year, and then leave us a comment below for your chance to win tickets. We'll be picking winners at random on Friday afternoon, so be sure to check back to see if you've won.

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• Wheelchair Sports Camp
• Hearts In Space
• Kitty Crimes
• In The Whale
• Men In Burka
• Stay Tuned with Mane Rok and DJ Tense
• Man Mantis
• DJ Rockstar Aaron
• Mile High Soul Club
• DJ mLe
• DJ Narky Stares
• DJ Sarah Slater
• DJ Soup
• Raw Russ
• Slam Nuba
• My Teenage Angst
• Zombie Caricatures By Stan Yan
• Illuminated Arts
• Tiny Riots
• Mudra Dance
• Nix Bros
• Kate Drazner
• Audio Visual Violence Club
• Vincent Comparetto
• Valerie Savarie
• Markham Maes (aka Shitty Kitten)
• Jeff Erwine
• Beery
• Chuck Roy
• Fine Gentleman's Club: Sam Tallent, Nathan Lund, Chris Charpentier, and Bobby Crane
• Greg Baumhauer


Good luck! In the meantime, use the hashtag #Artopia to tag your conversations on Twitter and Instagram.

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I would love love love to go this year and since I'm overworked (not really) and under paid (most certainly) it would be awesome to win something call it early birthday gift? 


Looking forward to attending my first Artopia!

I have never been and would love to check out what the rest of Denver has to offer!


i have never been to artopia and would love to check it out!


Artopia is always a great time! One of my favorite events of the year.


Pick meee!! I never have the money to go when this event rolls around but I'm always so sad to see all the amazing pictures afterwards. I'd like to actually be there in person to see it this year:).


My girlfriend will be in town that weekend (from art school) and this will make me not look like a chump for being inevitably broke! :-) 


I have never been to Artopia! My birthday is on February 29, so I don't get an actual birthday this year unfortunately. I've always wanted to go to Artopia though, this would be a good (un)birthday gift!


Great event last year, I look forward to this year!

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