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This could be you on Friday -- only dressed more for the elements, hopefully.
Update: Congratulations to p.quinby! For more information on how to claim your tickets, check your email.

Original post: So we can't be sure, but it looks like the tickets that were released last week for the second edition of Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks, taking place this Friday, Feburary 1, at Red Rocks, and featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with Major Lazer and Grouch and Eligh, have been snapped up, which means if you didn't get yours yet, you're now at the mercy of those who did. Or are you? Did we mention that we still have a pair up for grabs? We do, and we'd love for you and a guest to be our guests at the show, and then rather than being left out in the figurative cold, you'll be standing in the literal cold. Wanna go? Same deal as last week. Leave us a comment below, and we'll pick a winner at random this Thursday. Good luck!

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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 This is going to be an AMAZING show!!  Would be even more amazing if I won tickets!


Yes Yes PLEASE!!  Mama needs a night out :)


in the tune of "Thirft Shop"

Walk up into red rocks like "what up, I got some nice tits"
Hard to stay warm, good thing I got some hot thrift shit
No designers here, fact its makin me itch,
but People be like "shit that's a fine ass bitch!"
Slidin in, it's kinda steep, straight to row 33,
Rockin tiger steez, but my boot go straight to my knees
Got a fresh overcoat, so you know I'm dressed to please
Definitely not what I need, but it smells like Jerry's sheets...
But shit! It's Colorado's greens!
Poppin it, lockin it, you know that I be droppin it
If I'm watchin snow fallin while Mack is rappin I ain't stoppin it
Me and the girls killin it
Illin' chillin' and feelin' it
Ravin with fellas, throwin' hella moneys waitin for Coachella sunnies
I really want your grandmas style, I'ma snag your grandmas style
Make some pants from her drapes leave the rest in a pile
Old sweat suit? Prints of the big dipper?
I don't wear jerseys if they rep LA Clippers.
They had a foam kneeboard - I bought that old kneeboard
Scored a dope lamp with shit recovered from the seashore
Wassup? Wassup? My tits still point up!
Betty White style: Drop dead from my get up
I could take a leather belt wrap a green Master's cup
Fill it with the cheapest booze to make the party ERUPT!

I want to win these tix, cause I got no cash in my pocket
Been on the hunt, lookin for a hook up


Didn't win in last week's contest so maybe this is my week! I wanna see Macklemore!


I want to go pop some tags at redrocks!


hey, fun fact; did you know macklemore has more songs then just thrift shop?


Free ticket would be great!  Then I could afford a new jacket, gloves and plenty of alcohol to keep me warm!

Pepper Varga
Pepper Varga

my comment won't post, But Winter on the Rocks, what an epic party! I would love to go this year!


The best way to say TGIF is with a little Macklamre sprinkled in. Hope I win some tickets!


Loving on some Macklemore and Major Lazer! Nothing better in Colorado than an icy hot show at Red Rocks! Winter on the Rocks! -LT 


Going to be a great show! I love seeing Grouch and Eligh! Wish tickets didn't sell out so quick:/


The 1st winter on the rocks was soooo ill I would love to go to the second one and see if it's iller!!


Ill punch the guy in the picture up top if I win!

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