Westword Music Showcase initial acts revealed

P.O.S., the outspoken Rhymesayers MC otherwise known as Stefon Alexander, quietly released one of our favorite albums last fall, an incendiary little platter called We Don't Even Live Here. As you may recall, Alexander had to put the brakes on touring in support of the album due to health issues. Well, he's now on the mend, and he'll be making his return to Denver on the Westword Music Showcase main stage. You can pretty much count on him wreaking absolute havoc -- all good, as long as he doesn't really scuff our Nikes.

Keep reading for more headliners, and be sure to sign up to become a Westword Insider to get in on this weekend's special pre-sale and get your tix before they officially go on sale.

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Westword Music Showcase Outdoor Stage

1100 Acoma St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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Where was Nick Waterhouse????

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