Westword Music Showcase initial acts revealed

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The Mowgli's
You fancy literary types probably know Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book series. Anyhow, that character is not to be confused with this adorable emerging California-based act, which you perhaps know better as the group responsible for the undeniably exuberant feel-good hit of the summer otherwise known as "San Francisco" -- "Do you feel the love/I feel the love/C'mon, c'mon let's start it up/Let it pour out of your soul." Words to live by.

Keep reading for more headliners, and be sure to sign up to become a Westword Insider to get in on this weekend's special pre-sale and get your tix before they officially go on sale.

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Westword Music Showcase Outdoor Stage

1100 Acoma St., Denver, CO

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Where was Nick Waterhouse????

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