The ridiculous and rare: The 25 best publicity photos from our dust-covered filing cabinet

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Once upon a time when imposing creatures like Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch roamed the earth, we used to get glossy black and white publicity photos sent to us by the truckload along with CDs (I know, right?). The discs are obviously long gone, but we crammed the pics into a filing cabinet and forgot about 'em. Until yesterday. We flipped through a few drawers and found a treasure trove of choice stuff, including the one above of Kid Rock in braids, plus a shot of Blink-182 without Travis Barker, a portrait of the late Aaliyah, a shaggy version of Kings of Leon looking like Nazarath or something and tons of other goodness. Continue on for the 25 best publicity photos we unearthed.

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If I remember correctly, you guys ran a photo of the Prodigy way back when and they looked pretty silly. I seem to remember Keith wearing mickey mouse style gloves and smiling a lot.

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