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Noah Van Sciver

Jaded DIY Veteran

The DIY newbie often becomes the Jaded DIY Veteran after a ridiculously short period of time. It's usually about two short years of optimism before the door has been opened to another decade of complaining about the DIY "scene," which has inevitably wronged them in some vague way, typically involving an ego trip about not enough people supporting their solo noise act, which is seldom rehearsed or performed outside of their own house. Don't attempt to engage in having an opinion that differs from that of the Jaded DIY Veteran, for they know all and see all.

The Feminist Major

For anyone who was hoping that gender politics and music could remain separated from one another in this modern world, the feminist major is here to respond with an emphatic no. Rolling out of the college dorms and into the underground, the Feminist Major can be found delicately nodding their head to almost any kind of music featuring a strong female lead. As easy as it would be for many leather-jacket-wearing dude-bros to dismiss these fans as rabid, man-hating lunatics, at the end of the day, you have to admit that gender ratios in the arts are incredibly unbalanced, and they kind of have a point. That still doesn't mean they're going to shave their armpits.

Folk Guy

Folk Guy is here to tell you exactly why he has all the answers, and why absolutely everyone else on the face of the planet is wrong about absolutely everything. Brace yourself for political pamphlets, invites to anarchist events and an entire set list that's brimming with songs referring to other people's antiquated political slogans thrown haphazardly into the makings of a chorus. Don't hate Folk Guy for his overly sensitive eyebrows and condescending attitude; you would be mad, too, if you'd read one Marx book in high school and then turned it into the text from which you would forever after paraphrase and misquote, then assure yourself of your own intellectual superiority. Although Folk Guy can tell you why cell phones are stupid and why owning a car is murder to the environment, he still owns and uses both on a regular basis to travel to and from his lowly position at a corporation.

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Will Hayden
Will Hayden

I wish I could remember what it was like to be a music fan instead of a musician...

Chuck Shannon
Chuck Shannon

Cannon speaks the truth, get someone to write your articles that actually knows what they are talking about

Chuck Shannon
Chuck Shannon

Wow Westword you really fucked that one up. Ravers don't flock to see STS9

Nonnac Navillus
Nonnac Navillus

I think it is incredibly inaccurate to say that STS9 is one of the main focus of ravers donning neon american apparel and frequenting global dub. this is an unfair representation of an incredibly complex band with a sound "ravers" could not hope to truly understand. the ravers you speak of reside at skrillex, pretty lights, and other EDM acts. Sound tribe is mostly instrumental and if anything an influence on these button pushers


Can't your stories be read on one page?  Having to click through 17 pages is quite annoying, I don't need a full screen image of each type christ.

Eddie Garza
Eddie Garza

you have not been to a tribe show have you?


"An unhealthy love of MF Doom" Guilty as charged, haha.

dave.herrera moderator editor

@Harry Hey, Harry, we hear ya, buddy. Reload for revised version. Not on one page, but not as much clicking as previously. Thanks for stopping by.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Harry Do you complain about having to turn the page of a book or magazine?

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