The complete Denver music fan field guide

Noah Van Sciver


The Fraydians are a fairly placid bunch. They're casual fans of pretty much any modern, middle-of-the-road rock and pop act you can probably list. Put it this way: If a Pandora station were programmed to suit the individual tastes of these folks, the station would primarily consist of the same sort of earnest, reflective and poignant but ultimately banal tunes favored by bands like the Fray -- the kind of songs you're likely to hear at Starbucks or over the speakers at American Eagle Outfitters. These folks are the reason the Triple A and Hot AC formats exist.


It's hard to peg someone as goth these days in Denver and elsewhere because, for the most part, the identity has become so crowded with people wearing the stereotypical attire of goths that it's become hard to tell the difference between authentic goths and those in costume. True goths have a pronounced disdain toward society, preferring to be social misfits. These folks might or might not worship Satan.


In 1965, Drop City, one of the first rural artist communes, was formed in southern Colorado. Hippies have been flocking to the state ever since, attracted by the laid-back lifestyle, 300-plus days of sunshine and plethora of farmers' markets. Are you feeling the love? Using crystals to affect your mood? Have you started seeking the source of your problems in the rotations and movement of the planets? Have you ever given a significant chunk of your life to a Phish tour? You, or someone you know, might be a hippie.

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Will Hayden
Will Hayden

I wish I could remember what it was like to be a music fan instead of a musician...

Chuck Shannon
Chuck Shannon

Cannon speaks the truth, get someone to write your articles that actually knows what they are talking about

Chuck Shannon
Chuck Shannon

Wow Westword you really fucked that one up. Ravers don't flock to see STS9

Nonnac Navillus
Nonnac Navillus

I think it is incredibly inaccurate to say that STS9 is one of the main focus of ravers donning neon american apparel and frequenting global dub. this is an unfair representation of an incredibly complex band with a sound "ravers" could not hope to truly understand. the ravers you speak of reside at skrillex, pretty lights, and other EDM acts. Sound tribe is mostly instrumental and if anything an influence on these button pushers


Can't your stories be read on one page?  Having to click through 17 pages is quite annoying, I don't need a full screen image of each type christ.

Eddie Garza
Eddie Garza

you have not been to a tribe show have you?


"An unhealthy love of MF Doom" Guilty as charged, haha.

dave.herrera moderator editor

@Harry Hey, Harry, we hear ya, buddy. Reload for revised version. Not on one page, but not as much clicking as previously. Thanks for stopping by.

Mantonat topcommenter

@Harry Do you complain about having to turn the page of a book or magazine?

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