The twelve best shows in Denver this weekend

Eric Gruneisen
Icelantic's Winter on the Rocks 2013 is one of the twelve best concerts this weekend.

Ah, yes, what a, uh, super weekend we have on tap. Welcome! You made it! Not only is the big game going down, but the weather is supposed to be favorable with a high in the fifties, and there is an abundance of music to look forward to -- so much so, in fact, that we've expanded our picks this week to an even dozen from our normal ten. As always, we've got all the shows happening on the Front Range this weekend listed in our concert calendar, or you can keep reading for the full rundown on the twelve best concerts in Denver this weekend.

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Though birthed in the dysfunctional cradle of the Southern California hardcore scene, Agent Orange never stuck to convention. Although the group's debut, Living in Darkness, contained the instant punk-rock classic "Bloodstains," the outfit's influential sound is equal parts hardcore, power pop and surf rock. At heart, though, as evidenced by its ferociously fun live shows, Agent Orange is really nothing less than an outstandingly entertaining rock-and-roll­ band. The group's influence can be still be heard in many of the punk bands that followed in its wake. Though never as commercially successful as its followers -- like the Offspring -- Agent Orange has nonetheless maintained its underground credibility. Touring consistently since the early '80s, Fullerton's favorite sons make a great case for sticking with what you do best. Never ones to follow contemporary fashion, the members of Agent Orange have found their own musical formula, which is, well, killer.

Andrew WK, Fugazi, the Descendents, the Replacements and the Misfits? On the same bill on the same night? Uh, no. Not in this lifetime, even if you've got Warren Buffet money and you're on some Looper shit. Sorry. But, alas, here's the next best thing: some of Denver's finest musicians pooling their vast creative resources for a night to pay homage to all of the above icons at the aptly named Flattery Festival. And for the underage set, there will be a pair of matinee sets at 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. featuring the School of Rock channeling Weezer. You know what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


10. HORSE @ GRIZZLY ROCK | FRI, 2/1/13
Most people in Denver know Greg Stone better as Uncle Nasty, and for good reason. For the better part of two decades at KBPI, Stone was one of the most popular on-air personalities, and during that time, through Metallix and with his Local Band Hang Out Day, he was also a tireless champion of the local scene. When he was talking local music, you could hear the passion in his voice, and this wasn't merely lip service. For at least as long as he was with the station, he's also been a card-carrying member of the scene, from his days fronting Nasty's Nightmare in the early '90s to recent years fronting the powerhouse known as Horse. As the frontman of Horse, he's every bit as commanding a presence, and tonight Stone and the men of Horse headline a heady bill featuring some fellow monsters of local metal, Immortal Dominion, Iconocaust and Flood of Souls.

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Ken Romero
Ken Romero

GET UR TICKETS B4 ITS 2 LATE!!! BROTHER ALI (Rhymesayers/Minneapolis) x PROF (Stophouse/Minneapolis) x DANNY BROWN (Fool's Gold/Detroit) x EVIDENCE (Rhymesayers/Los Angeles) w/ MTHDS (Denver), DJ Abilities (Rhymesayers), Cysko Rockwel and K.Flay

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