So that guy you see twirling the sign on the side of the road? He's probably listening to Slayer

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Alright, how many times have you driven past that dude on the corner, the one twirling his sign like a madman, and thought to yourself Wow! That dude is rocking out. Wonder what the hell he's listening to? Wonder no more. Mystery solved. It's Slayer. At least that's what this particular gentleman was listening to. How do we know? Why, we stopped the car and asked, of course. Duh! Keep reading to see Eric the Vampire Slayer's awesome dance moves, along with GIFs of the other sign flying sensations we met this past weekend.

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Gabe, 22, Thornton

We spotted Gabe slinging this arrow for Rocky Mountain Gems (thus, the "We Buy Gold"). Top five acts on his phone:

1. Foreign Beggars
2. Aesop Rock
3. Action Bronson
4. Sweatshop Union
5. Twista

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