The Solution relaunches as a weekly this Friday night in its new home at the Meadowlark

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DJ Low Key (pictured) founded the Solution six years ago this week with DJ Sounds Supreme.

Besides being the exact six-year anniversary -- six years to the week -- that Solution first got going, the whole Solution crew, Low Key, Sounds Supreme and Lazy Eyez, will be on hand and taking turns on the decks, along with DJ Manizer from Lady Wu and a very special legendary guest DJ (you'll have to go to find out who). And a number of local luminaries (Xencs from Lady Wu, Bravo One, Joe Blizzy and Karina B.) will all be celebrating their birthdays. Anniversaries and birthdays -- what better time for the Solution to return and what better reason is there to party?

"For us to be able to relaunch on our anniversary was a really cool thing," says Low Key of the Solution returning to a weekly and why now was the ideal time. "Beyond that, we also wanted to get through December and January, which are kind of the worst months to try to be launching something or doing newer stuff. That was something we considered when we first launched the Solution at the beginning of February back in 2007, and it's something we kept in mind again.

"And you know the other thing was this," Low Key adds, "even though we liked the idea of doing a weekly at the Meadowlark pretty much the whole time since we discovered the spot, you know, there just wasn't really an opportunity based on how much other stuff they had going on." And there were numerous other factors involved in finding the right spot, says Low Key, the most pivotal of which, besides aesthetics, was also finding the right partner, one who would open up their venue on a prime night and be willing to let Low Key and company maintain creative control of the party.

"That's one of the reasons we didn't just go do it somewhere to do it," he explains. "For making something like the Solution, there's a certain set of ingredients that need to go into it, and you can't just substitute some of those ingredients and expect the same results. So we're super excited. I think the Meadowlark is the right fit. I'm really looking forward to everything from here on out. We have so much cool stuff coming up."

Some cool stuff indeed. On Friday, March 1, the Solution will debut this year's edition of the Art of Records exhibit in which a select group of artists re-imagine classic albums and single covers in their own style. If you were on hand last year, it was quite an affair with DJ Low Key spinning an all-vinyl set of the featured albums. The exhibit will hang for the entire month of March. Although a date has yet to be announced, the Solution Beat Battle is also making a return, as is the Goodness patio party, which will get going again in May.

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