The five best local musical missed connections on Craigslist, illustrated for your amusement

Noah Van Sciver

In Flames Boulder: LF a Ryan who I talked to after Demon Hunter's set - w4m - 22 (Boulder Theater)

Hey Ryan! I'm the chick who you told your friend to look at cuz you "thought i was hot" but i thought you were waving to me like you knew me so i walked over and we ended up talking for 10-15 min near the bar and bathrooms before I went to go smoke haha. My name is Sam and I have a cool, "atheistic" last name (that i told you, so use that hint). You have gauges and were tall with what looked like to be brown hair, I was short (5'2") and had long, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing an in flames shirt (the Sounds of Playground Fading shirt) but it was a little tied up, showing a purple shirt underneath and a black skirt with some sequins, a black leather jacket, and leather cutoff gloves. I talked a bit about how I used to be addicted to a particular video game and how it was great to be a part of the real world again :P

It will be crazy if you actually find this we shall see! Gonna post this on the boulder craigslist as well.

THAT CONCERT ROCKED!! Hope you enjoyed in flames. Stay cool!

--Sam S.

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