Borgore on the number of hot chicks in Boulder and why he gets so many naked pics sent to him

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With a recent chart-topping house banger on Beatport, Israeli producer Asaf Borger, aka Borgore, has a new record on the horizon. Aside from enjoying other recent success with Miley Cyrus on the collaborative chart topper "Decisions," Borgore is mainly focused on finishing his forthcoming album at an L.A.-based studio when he's not playing shows. We recently caught up with the "Nympho" orchestrator for a chat about modern pop music, the hottest booties in Hollywood and why he gets so many pictures of naked chicks sent to him.

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Westword: Where are you located right now?

Borgore: I'm in L.A. It's a pretty sick place.

How's L.A. treating you?

It's pretty nice. I've been here for the past...I've been coming in and out of L.A. for the past three months just trying to finish an album more than anything. The thing is, I wasn't supposed to play shows, and I ended up playing one every weekend, almost. Then I did this big remix that wasn't scheduled, so there is all these good surprises, right? So, hopefully, I'll finish it in the next month and then the release will be may or April. We're working hard, though.

I noticed "Decisions" won the Freshman Award on MTVU. How did that come about?

My fans are the best fans in the world, and I asked them to win this for me. My fans are very dedicated and appreciative. Miley [Cyrus] fans are the same thing. They just really wanted us to win, and we won. I think the video is great. It's perfect. It's a really good video with a really catchy song. You know? It deserves it.

It's definitely not unwarranted. I thought it was funny how you were able to rally a lot of your dubstep crowd around Miley Cyrus on the track. You two aren't exactly in the same genre.

First of all, Miley has grown up. It's not the same thing. People grow up. You know? I didn't meet her before, so I wouldn't know if she's been like that the whole time, but since I've been in touch with her, she's been the coolest chick. She's just a cool chick. I think people notice it. As far as the music, it's all about the Internet, in general. There are more options to judge stuff from an objective perspective. Good music, for a lot of kids these days, is good music. There's less genres and boundaries, so it's whatever sounds good. People will listen to it.

And it can change overnight.

That's another thing, yeah. One's very ADD, music in general. Everyday/week there is a new, big hit, unlike back in the day, when it was Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys for like a fuckin' year, and then it's someone else.

What are you into nowadays? You're music is evolving, and that's a good thing, but what's kind of pushing your buttons now?

I'm super ADD right now about music. I just did a dubstep track with Miley, and I just released house track with Carnage that is number one on the House Beatport chart. It's been a different thing. At the whole same time, I just work on a lot of different music. I incorporate it into my sets. I do house, dubstep, hip-hop, drum and bass and, as a producer, I have a lot of neat stuff I can produce and experiment with. Now that I played house, I can really play it. Same as moombah. My album is very eclectic.

Why pigeonhole yourself in one category?

It keeps me sane. Listening to one genre just gets too repetitive.

Are there any artists you're looking at to produce with right now?

There are amazing artists all the time. There are too many of them. I am working with a couple on my new album, but the thing with working with other people is it's never guaranteed until it's done. Sometimes when you work with someone, and during the process, it doesn't come as good as you wanted it to be. Or you have no inspiration right now. I'd rather not say names until the album is out.

You don't want to shoot yourself in the foot.

Name dropping is never good.

Back to Miley: Through past interviews and behind-the-scenes, I noticed it was your plan to get her on the track?

Yes, I wanted her.

Who else would you want to work with, as far as up and coming artists, that are shone in the same light as Miley?

I wish I could go back in time six years. It's weird times right now in music. Who would you say is the hottest right now?

In my critic's view of just female vocalists, the Rihannas and Beyonces are at the top.

But they are not new. They are amazing. I fucking love Rihanna. I fucking love Beyonce. I have nothing but respect for them, but they are not new. I'm just saying they aren't the newest, hottest chick. There's no low talent right now, and there use to be tons of them. I feel like the whole pop star culture is changing because all the biggest stars are people who made it out of being viral on YouTube. The new pop is coming on YouTube rather than the majors.

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