Borgore on the number of hot chicks in Boulder and why he gets so many naked pics sent to him

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Steven Pahel

Do you scour the internet for the next voice to work with?

I don't scour. I do get a lot of people sending me stuff, or my management sending me stuff -- like how I ran into one of my favorite producers, Carnage. It wasn't like, "I want to work with [Swedish House Mafia.]" Carnage wasn't the biggest thing, and I wasn't trying to get into the biggest thing. I met Carnage through people, and I knew he was a really good producer, so I want to work with him. Sure, he's not the biggest thing now, but he's going to be big because he's fucking incredible. That was a really good investment.

If it's number one on Beatport, you can't complain.

So, you're asking who the next artist I would like to work with? It's not in the top; it's in the bottom.

Switching gears to people sending you stuff; It's pretty hard to miss your social media presence. Mainly, how did #bitcheswantcake and #bootyforborgore come together?

With songs like "Nympho," "Ice Cream," and even, like, "Bitches Love Cake," my image is very, you know...this is kind of who I am. It's inevitable that I will get booty sent to me. It's inevitable.

Have you slept with any of the girls who sent you pictures?

I don't know if I've ever slept with anyone that I've got pictures from, but I've definitely got pictures of girls I've slept with. Fair enough.

What's your idea of a great show, then?

A good show with a fair amount of hot chicks with a fair amount of energy. I really like how at my shows there are mosh pits, and people think mosh pits and think only dudes in the crowd, but while the dudes are moshing, there are fifty girls on stage. I think everyone is just happy in general.

Are there any big plans for Valentine's Day, or perhaps a message to send out to all the ladies?

My message was made a week ago. I tweeted, "For Valentine's Day, I'm going to take six fat chicks to dinner, and it will be twelve good peeps."

What do you think about Boulder and the Life in Color tour?

No bullshitting you, and I'm not bullshitting you because you are fighting for Boulder, but I played the Fox Theatre a couple years ago, and I've never seen so many hot girls in one spot. Stupid amount. Boulder is one of the cities; it's just boss.

How about Life in Color -- it's the biggest paint party? How did you get involved with that?

Well, actually, I'm good friends with those guys on a personal level, and I think that who would fit more into squirting shit on the crowds than fucking me, dude? And we're bringing the cream machine. To be honest, the guys behind Life in Color helped me build the cream machine because we're squirting stuff out of ice creams if it's my show. We're shooting sometimes foam, sometimes confetti or whatever, and they help us with all the mechanics of this thing. We have a good relationship.

In closing, just because you're President Borgore, who has the best ass in show business right now?

There are no doubt about tits: Katy Perry's, right? But booties? I don't know, dude.

You don't have your eye on at least one?

I like variety, dude. One day you want this kind of booty, and the other day you want the other type of booty.

Fair Enough.

Life In Color: Borgore, with Seven Lions, Basscrooks, TYR and Jimmy Burns, 8 p.m. Saturday, February 16, Balch Fieldhouse, CU Boulder, $42-$250.

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