Jet Hotel and Lounge changes hands

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At one time, the Jet Entertainment Group ran a number of spots in town, including Wicked Garden, two Purple Martini locations (one of which was later dubbed Jet South) and the Jet Lounge, located on the main floor of the Jet Hotel, which opened in 2006 at 1612 Wazee Street. The outfit has fired up the engines and is now reportedly taking flight out of the nightclub business in Denver.

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Over the past the few years, the group sold Wicked Garden and closed both Purple Martini locations, and now it looks like the Jet crew is getting out of the nightlife business entirely, since it didn't renew its lease, which expired at the end of the year. Jeff Suskin, who was a minority investor in the group, says that since main partners in the group now live in California, they all decided not renew the lease. The building's owner, John L. Hamilton, is now operating both the hotel and the lounge. Keep an eye on Backbeat for updates on the future of Jet. As soon as we find out what's next for the space, we'll let you'll know.

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Jet Hotel & Lounge - CLOSED

1612 Wazee St., Denver, CO

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It'd be a perfect spot for a hostel that caters to international students / travelers. A real hostel, not like the homeless shelters we have here that we call hostels. I've met too many on the bus ride up to Boulder that are dumbfounded we have no appropriate  amenities since we have out-of-country tourists for every season. And lots of them. It already has a kitchen and plenty of room for common areas. Just trash the swanky, cum and coke-stained wares and replace them with a few bunk beds. So long as you're not trying to pinch every penny out of it and use some common sense in cross marketing it could be a pretty sweet joint. 

So, you know, if you're thinking of buying the place you can steal my idea if you want. It'll work.

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