Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Hustle Man, Whygee, Drop Switch and Fly4Wird

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Chris Morgan
Whygee's latest "Pam Grier" is among this week's batch of fresh Colorado hip-hop.

Another week, another fresh batch of local hip-hop. We've got new joints from the Southern-flavored but fully local Hustle Man, as well as a new cut from Whygee that name-checks one of East High School's most famous former students, plus a nighttime call to action from Drop Switch and a sneak peek at Fly4Wird's upcoming EP. Keep reading to get an earful of this week's goodness. Colorado hip-hop and you don't stop.

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Hustle Man - "Dollar and a Dream"
In a preview of his upcoming project The Dream Act, Hustle Man teaches the heights that can be reached with a starting point as insignificant as a single dollar and a vision of where to go -- a dream. Hustle Man's drawl gives him a down-to-earth quality that pairs well with the dusty guitar and soulful vocal samples in the production.

Whygee - "Pam Grier"
Sounding a bit like Blu, Whygee meditates on the hip-hop process: motivation, staying productive, making waves, slaying rappers and creating a legacy. His words come off like a long, impromptu diary entry, and beside Gyp DaHip's wistful instrumental, "Pam Grier" feels like a short dream through the eyes of a real rapper.

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