Fresh Colorado hip-hop from BLKHRTS, Panama Soweto, Innerstate Ike and more

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Todd Roeth

Whoa, whoa... We just had a batch of killer local hip-hop to present last week. Are you telling me there's already a whole new set of juicy cuts to be enjoyed? Yes. That's exactly what we're telling you. It can't stop and it won't stop. First, we have a new BLKHRTS joint off their upcoming project, JZBL JNKNS, followed by a long-lost track from Panama Soweto, then a less-than-friendly shoutout by Rhyme Progression to his landlord and a tribute to the Nuggets by Innerstate Ike. Enjoy!

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Rarely do headbanging and hip-hop go hand in hand, but the fact that BLKHRTS aren't afraid to go hard -- like really, really hard -- is what sets them apart from most of the other hip-hop musicians in Colorado and beyond. "BRK T M" (Bark at Me) lifts its heavy guitar riff and distorted vocal chorus from the Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog." The production is chaotic, grating and disorienting, and the BLKHRTS MCs bring an aggressiveness that honors the sample and the cathartic spirit of punk.

Panama Soweto - "Blessed"
On this track, Panama Soweto looks into the past at some of his fondest and roughest memories. "Blessed" is neither overly sweet nor depressing, but rather content to enjoy the nostalgic trip of recollection and excited at the prospect of moving forward. The track features sax work from Wheelchair Sports Camp's Abi Miller and vocals from April "Axé" Charmaine.

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