option4 moving on from Lipgloss, which will usher in new talent and return to original sound

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Jim Wills
The Lipgloss crowd dancing the night away at Beauty Bar.

"DJ Tower has been a mainstay in the Denver DJ scene for years," Trundle adds. "I danced to his sets at Deadbeat Club and Onyx well before I ever started deejaying. He has a vast knowledge of music, both new and old, and regularly plays tracks that have me going to the booth asking what artist or remix he is playing. I think they'll both bring a great diversity of musical genre to my dance floor, which is what has always made Lipgloss such a special and unique party."

Trundle explains that he will, for the most part, be doing away with genre-specific DJ sets, mixing in records from across the board of time and style into Lipgloss events. When asked whether he thinks the changes will affect the size and scope of his Friday night crowds, Trundle says that, honestly, he doesn't know, but that the music ultimately creates the vibe.

The Lipgloss crowd getting down at Beauty Bar.

"The Lipgloss crowd is comprised of people who truly love music, as opposed to those who want to blindly dance to beats with no real personal connection to the music," he notes. "I have no problem with people who want to dance for the sake of dancing; it's just not the crowd I really want or even can cater to.

"The Lipgloss crowd is built of people who want to sing while they dance, who have memories and emotions tied to lyrics and guitar riffs and who love music because it's good, rather than because it's on the radio every ten minutes. I think those are the people we have, and I think they're going to be very excited at how the night will be moving forward."

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Beauty Bar

608 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

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