So, yeah, this may be the best sign in the history of ever: "Don't 'bro' me if you don't know me"

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So, hey, listen, I totally meant to share this with you earlier in the week, but I completely forgot. As you can see, it's only the best sign in the history of ever. I came across this brilliant piece of signage this past Saturday night after the Neurosis show, when I skipped over to the Marquis to indulge in a delicious slice of pizza. I don't know what, exactly, prompted the creation of this hand-scrawled missive, but I have a pretty good idea. Bonus: Continue on for a couple other pics I snapped a few weekends ago outside of Cervantes'. Warning: It's a semi X-rated mad lib of sorts that might be a little NSFW. Enjoy.

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Ed Haas
Ed Haas

When DID this bro craze start?


My favorite sign is "Don't believe everything that you think".

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