The ten hottest musical pairings

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7. June Carter & Johnny Cash
Some studio hookups can last a lifetime. June was "handpicked" by Johnny to sing some songs with him and his band after her family's band had accompanied him on tour. It wasn't too long before Johnny stopped the music in the middle of a show and proposed to June in public. "Jackson" is flirty and edgy in a way only a couple with a very healthy sex life would know.

6. David Bowie & Freddie Mercury
You've heard that longstanding rumor about Mick Jagger started by Angela Bowie. Unfortunately, "Dancing in the Streets," their 1985 duet, is too terrible to make this list. Rampant internet speculation is as close as we get to the truth about Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. They met while Queen was recording in Montreux, where Bowie was living at the time. Here is what we know: 1) Both men were at the height of their fame, young, attractive and DTF. 2) Freddie Mercury got it IN! a lot. Like all the time. He took down men and women on the reg. 3) Bowie was no slouch, and come on, he's one pretty man. Throw in some drugs and the liberated air in Switzerland, and who knows? All we have are unreleased tracks and "Under Pressure," and that's kind of enough, right?

5. Prince & Sheila E
The "artist formerly known as freaky" deserves his own tier for musical hookups. No duet on this list can match "Erotic City" in pure filthy hookup heat. You may remember this song from your childhood, or at least the first 45 seconds. If you were born after 1984, you most likely had to go into the other room whenever this came on -- and for good reason. At the time, Sheila was a hot, up-and-coming percussionist in whom Prince showed a special interest. Lyrics like "All of my hangups are gone/How I wish you felt the same," and "We can fuck until the dawn/Erotic City come alive" underscore the tension that must have been in the studio as these two "friends" recorded their first (first!) song together.

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Rob Karnisky
Rob Karnisky

Totally forgetting Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell, as well as Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks.

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