The ten hottest musical pairings

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4. Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb
This is pure speculation, especially since Babs is so secretive. Let's examine the facts at hand, though: First, Streisand was single at the time that she and Barry Gibb recorded together. The content of the material they recorded is Barbra's most sexually charged (and successful). Both stars were white-hot at the time, and the album is called Guilty (Guilty!). Given all those facts, it's still only about 50 percent sure that they hooked up, because Streisand was such a professional. You be the judge: Notoriously stage-shy Babs is looking pretty comfy in her matching outfit with Barry -- pretty comfy, indeed.

3. Keith Sweat & Jacci McGhee
Keith Sweat & Jacci McGhee's 1988 duet is the stuff of legend: It's sexy, soulful and damn near perfect. Is it any surprise that it happened because Keith met Jacci on tour and "wanted to hit," as he put it? But don't take our word for it: Listen to Keith tell the story.

2. Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
Leave it to the French to just simply get to the point, or "le petit mort," as it were. In 1969, (you just can't make this stuff up), Serge, one of France's biggest stars, hit the studio with his lover Jane Birkin to "record an album of duets." The quotations are necessary because what happened in the studio was mostly sex, plus a little music. The proof lies in the worldwide hit "Je t' non plus," which features, among other things, the sound of Jane's orgasm at the end of the song. In typical French style, Gainsbourg claimed the song was an existential exercise "about the desperation and impossibility of love," something he said right after he asked Birkin to put her face in the pillow.

1. Rick James & Teena Marie
Let's set the scene here: It's the late '70s at the Motown offices, and a pretty new signee to the label, plucked fresh from a bubblegum girls' group, catches the lustful, freaky eye of one Rick James. He immediately begins "working closely" with the new artist, writing and producing songs for her debut album and even singing a duet or two with her. All of this is amazing considering the amount of sex they are having. Two years later, as the last embers are burning out on the joint that was their affair, the two of them record their last duet together. The result is the Rosetta Stone of duets. I believe that God has them singing this for him live this Valentine's Day.

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Rob Karnisky
Rob Karnisky

Totally forgetting Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell, as well as Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks.

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