Ten things Taylor Swift taught us about love

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7. Interrupting a wedding is not necessarily frowned upon
If your love is off marrying someone else, stop reading this and go find them! Seriously. What are you waiting for? Your future spouse is about to pledge their life to someone else. You better speak now... or forever regret it.

6. You better let her drive your truck (or Prius)
It's one thing to not let her join you on guys' night, but it's a whole different thing entirely when all she wants to do is drive your truck. Just let her. (Or, at the very least, don't let anyone else drive it, either.) Otherwise, she'll break into your apartment with a gang of friends and make you realize how much easier it would have been to risk her breaking one prized possession as opposed to all of them.

5. Romeo and Juliet is a love story we all want to believe in
All anyone wants is to find that undying, mutual love -- the kind you're willing to die for, the kind you're willing to live for. Romeo and Juliet-sized love still exists in the social media era, though it may not come at you directly in a tweet.

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She's had more different dicks in and out of her this week than Chris Parente, Kirt Montgomery, & 'rockiesfever',  put together !......

Note :  'rockiesfever' finished a close 2nd !

Michael Howell
Michael Howell

You forgot #11... Don't get involved with her, because if it goes bad, she will write a stupid and lame song about it.

Mike Long
Mike Long

Most importantly; No matter how a relationship ends, get back out there. These songs aren't just gonna write themselves.

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