Ten things Taylor Swift taught us about love

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1. Sometimes your best friend is the one you should be with
She may wear high heels and short skirts, but she's also shallow and self-absorbed. You need someone like the girl who is always there for you, the girl who supports you no matter what -- you may not see her, but she's always there on the bleachers. She's your best friend. So put a ring on it already.

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She's had more different dicks in and out of her this week than Chris Parente, Kirt Montgomery, & 'rockiesfever',  put together !......

Note :  'rockiesfever' finished a close 2nd !

Michael Howell
Michael Howell

You forgot #11... Don't get involved with her, because if it goes bad, she will write a stupid and lame song about it.

Mike Long
Mike Long

Most importantly; No matter how a relationship ends, get back out there. These songs aren't just gonna write themselves.

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