Ten things Taylor Swift taught us about love

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4. Love is easy when it's right
If you were wondering whether you were in love or not, consider this: Are you seeing red? You should be. Love isn't blue, or gray, or yellow, or pink. It's red. It should be as easy as red, too -- like forgetting about someone you'd never met or knowing all of the words to your favorite song.

3. Love is unexpected
Sometimes love hits like an atom bomb. Unexpected and exciting, love is wonderfully exciting. Stop looking for love, and let it find you, surprise you even.

2. Make a decision and stick with it
After you break up, you may feel like you'd like to get back together with your ex. So you do, and then you break up again. Thus begins a vicious cycle. You owe it to yourself and the glory days of your relationship to just say no. When you say you're, like, never ever going to get back together, show some resolve and stick to that decision.

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She's had more different dicks in and out of her this week than Chris Parente, Kirt Montgomery, & 'rockiesfever',  put together !......

Note :  'rockiesfever' finished a close 2nd !

Michael Howell
Michael Howell

You forgot #11... Don't get involved with her, because if it goes bad, she will write a stupid and lame song about it.

Mike Long
Mike Long

Most importantly; No matter how a relationship ends, get back out there. These songs aren't just gonna write themselves.

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