The best concerts in Denver this weekend

1. ARTOPIA 2013 @ GOLDEN TRIANGLE | SAT, 2/23/13
Are you ready to party? What are we saying? Of course you are. You were born to rage! Good thing: Artopia, one of our most eagerly anticipated parties of the year next to the Westword Music Showcase, is once again upon us. This year's edition of Artopia has a lineup that is absolutely stacked with acts like Wheelchair Sports Camp, Hearts In Space, Kitty Crimes and In the Whale, among others, slated to perform across five Golden Triangle venues alongside a serious and heady batch of artists, poets, dancers, videographers and comedians. Don't miss one of the biggest and best bashes of the year.

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Melissa Bruce
Melissa Bruce

Too bad Yo Gabba Gabba Live charges full adult admission for kids. Our fam loves the show but $200 is a bit steep!!!

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