Ryan Policky and Eddie Breidenbach are trying to scare the shit out of you with Genessier

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Dark industrial isn't exactly a musical niche that gets a lot of attention these days, but they aren't concerned with that. For them, this is a labor of love. And the way Policky sees it, they can't be the only ones out there who remember the dark, savage joys of brutal beats and distorted synthesizers.

"I think that people will take it for what it is," he says. "I think the old-school Skinny Puppy fans and that kind of deal will like what we're doing, because we're trying to dive into that really gritty, dark 'dungeon in the basement' sort of sound."

Then of course, there's always the pleasure of subverting people's expectations as an added bonus. "I think it's good to throw people off, too -- like, 'Holy shit! These guys that are doing atmospheric music are now doing scary, hard rip your head off music!'" he says with a laugh.

Once the band has compiled enough songs -- they have three in the can now, with more material in the works -- they plan a limited physical release via Latenight Weeknight records, as well as the now typical digital release online. After that, if they can work the kinks out, you may get a chance to be scared shitless via Genessier live at some point.

"We'd like to play some shows. We've been kind of thinking about how to make it scary as hell live," Policky says. "We want to do it for sure, once we have enough songs."

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