The 50 worst rock/pop lyrics of all time: 40-31

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The countdown of total crappiness continues. Yesterday we laid out the first ten of the top fifty worst rock and pop lyrics of all time, and today we present the next ten, which is populated by Poison's "Unskinny Bop," the Rolling Stones' "Cocksucker Blues" and a bunch of other ill-conceived lines from songs like Stryper's "To Hell with the Devil" and Skid Row's "18 and Life." Keep reading to see which songs made the list today.

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40. Blur - "She's So High"

"She's so high/I want to crawl all over her"

The song itself is a more-than-decent Stone Roses ripoff, but this chorus -- particularly when sung by a ninety pound Damon Albarn -- reminds me too much of a Robert Crumb style erotic gigantism for the song to be casually enjoyed.

39. Poison "Unskinny Bop"

"Like gasoline you wanna pump me/And then leave me when you get your fill, yeah . . . Unskinny bop bop bop bop/She just loves to play/Unskinny bop nothin' more to say"

Having nothing more to say after repeating the phrase "unskinny bop" a few times really calls into the question the idea that you have anything to say in the first place.

38.The Rolling Stones - "Cocksucker Blues"

"Oh, where can I get my cock sucked/Where can I get my ass fucked/I may have no money/But I know where to put it every time"

This lyric is awesome in that it was written to freak out record executives that were harshing The Stones mellow, but today it's mostly a juvenile footnote for the Jagger/Richards fanatics that know about it.

37. Belle & Sebastian - "I'm A Cuckoo"

"I'd rather be in Tokyo/I'd rather listen to Thin Lizzy-oh"

You can't fit a square peg in a round hole, you can't make a horse drink water and you can't make Tokyo rhyme with Thin Lizzy.

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